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Thursday night open thread--Let's predict around the league!

30 teams, 30 predictions, one bored writer. Join the fun.

what are you, Hunter Pence
what are you, Hunter Pence

It needs to be Opening Day soon. It's just about 72 hours until the Opening Night matchup of Rangers/Astros, and it's about 90 hours or so until the Yankees start up on April 1st against the Red Sox. Until then, there's March Madness action to amuse yourselves (four games tonight--go), and of course other pro sports. I have Indiana, Miami, and Ohio State winning tonight in my bracket, and I will be rooting for La Salle against Wichita State because "lol #13 seed in the Elite Eight."

If you want your baseball fix, I am killing time by answering random questions about all 30 teams. Feel free to answer mine as well if you are also bored. Enjoy the evening.

1. Baltimore Orioles--When will top pitching prospect Dylan Bundy be called up? June 18th.

2. Boston Red Sox--Will John Lackey win 10 games? No.

3. New York Yankees--When will Alex Rodriguez return? July 27th.

4. Tampa Bay Rays--Who will be their offensive MVP? Let's say Desmond Jennings.

5. Toronto Blue Jays--Will the Jays' revamp end in a playoff berth? No. Sorry, Canada.

6. Chicago White Sox--Will they finish over .500? No. Sorry, Robin.

7. Cleveland Indians--Will Nick Swisher lead the team in OPS+? Yes.

8. Detroit Tigers--How many combined homers for Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera? 64.

9. Kansas City Royals--Will James Shields help them over .500? No.

10. Minnesota Twins--Will the Twins lose 100 games? No, but they will lose 92.

11. Houston Astros--How many AL teams will the Astros have a winning record against? One--the Royals.

12. Los Angeles Angels--How many homers does Albert Pujols hit? 33.

13. Oakland Athletics--Does Yoenis Cespedes suffer a sophomore slump? Yes.

14. Seattle Mariners--Will Jesus Montero have an OBP over .350? No, but it will be better than last year.

15. Texas Rangers--Will Jurickson Profar play over 100 games? Regrettably, no.

16. Atlanta Braves--How many combined homers will the Super Upton Bros. hit? 48.

17. Miami Marlins--Will Giancarlo Stanton be traded by the end of the calendar year? No.

18. New York Mets--How many combined homers will the outfielders hit? 20.

19. Philadelphia Phillies--Will Cole Hamels or Cliff Lee be a better pitcher? Cliff Lee.

20. Washington Nationals--How many innings (including playoffs) does Stephen Strasburg pitch? 196.1.

21. Chicago Cubs--Are Alfonso Soriano and Matt Garza gone by the trade deadline? Yes.

22. Cincinnati Reds--Will speedster Billy Hamilton make it to the majors? Yes, but in mid-to-late August.

23. Milwaukee Brewers--Will they finish over .500? No.

24. Pittsburgh Pirates--Will they finish over .500? Yes.

25. St. Louis Cardinals--Will they make the playoffs again? No.

26. Arizona Diamondbacks--How many games will they lose? 93.

27. Colorado Rockies--Is this Todd Helton's final season? Yes.

28. Los Angeles Dodgers--Will manager Donnie Baseball finally find playoff success? Sadly, no.

29. San Diego Padres--Will Chase Headley be traded? Yes, but not to the Yankees.

30. San Francisco Giants--How many souls does Hunter Pence devour? How far will the Giants go in the playoffs? NLCS loss.

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