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Yankees sign Lyle Overbay to a minor league deal

Another team's garbage is the Yankees' treasure.

Glad you find this amusing.
Glad you find this amusing.

The Yankees had to decide by noon today whether to give Juan Rivera $100,000 to retain him, put him on the 40-man roster, or release him. As he is still in camp, it looks like they decided to go with the $100k. Rivera has hit well in camp so far, but we've seen that that doesn't mean anything for the Yankees' insistence on dumpster diving the past few weeks.

Andrew wrote about Overbay as an option this morning after he was cut by the Boston Red Sox. The scrap heap is growing by the day.

At least it was a minor league deal? At least it wasn't Yuniesky Betancourt? I don't even know anymore.

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