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A dramatic interpretation of Kramer's coffee negotiations feat. Vernon Wells

Just how did the Vernon Wells negotiations go down. This is one man's guess.

Victor Decolongon

1364256576 Good evening. We have a special treat for those of you in the audience tonight. A dramatic interpretation from Episode 113 of the television programme Seinfeld. Playing the role of Cosmo Kramer will be Hal Steinbrenner. Playing the role of Jackie Chiles will be Brian Cashman, and playing the role of coffee executive Mr. Star will be Jerry Dipoto. Enjoy the show.

1364256831 Gentlemen come in. Now we don't want to take up much of your time. Let's make this short and sweet, we are prepared to offer you $28 million dollars, Vernon Wells, plus

1364257056 I'LL TAKE IT!!!

1364257313 ...

(A Short time later)

1364257389 I'll take it? Who told you to take it? Did I tell you to take it?

1364257056 No

1364257389 I know the Maestro didn't tell you to take it, he wasn't there.

1364257056 Well I thought we were lucky to get anything.

1364257389 Vernon Wells?

1364257056 Yeah.

1364257389 I don't want Vernon Wells. It's not hard to get Vernon Wells. I can get my own damn Vernon Wells. I wanted to hear what was after the plus.

1364257056 Well I didn't hear any plus.

1364257685 ...