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Jeter almost certain to miss Opening Day and join party on Disabled List

Last October's broken ankle is still barking at the Captain, and he is a near-lock to miss Opening Day for the first time in 12 years.

We're frustrated too, Cap.
We're frustrated too, Cap.

Well, this Opening Day lineup is sure going to be an adventure in terror. Derek Jeter's ankle is still sore, so it appears that he will be missing the start of the season. Just like Curtis Granderson. And Mark Teixeira. And Alex Rodriguez. Yippie skip.

It's uncertain just how long Jeter will be out, but the Yankees will not be activating him until he can play every day at shortstop again (no gradual DH-to-shortstop transition). He will be resting the next two days for sure, and GM Brian Cashman said that the reality was even sinking in on Jeter, who didn't fight it. The plus side is that by moving him to minor league camp a few days ago, the Yankees will be able to backdate the start of his DL stint. At the very least, he will miss the first week of season and return on April 6th, but as Buster Olney mentioned in that first linked tweet, it could very well be until May 1st that we see Jeter on the field again. "It'll take time."

I think that seems like a bit longer than it will be, but who knows? In the meantime, Cashman told's Bryan Hoch that the Yankees "can go with Eduardo Nunez." Does that mean they will? Probably, since Jeter should not be gone for too long, but note that he said "can," and not "will." So that would seem to leave the door open for another option. Let's just hope Mike Axisa's scary thought about Yuni doesn't come to fruition.

So what's the Opening Day lineup now? Here's what I think.

CF- Brett Gardner
RF- Ichiro Suzuki
2B- Robinson Cano
3B- Kevin Youkilis
DH- Travis Hafner
SS- Eduardo Nunez
LF- Brennan Boesch
1B- Juan Rivera
C- Francisco Cervelli

I'm not sure if Joe Girardi will put three lefties in a row at the top of the lineup. but the names will probably all be the same.

Embrace the Noonz.


Dear God, no.


Well that's good I guess.

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