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Yankees Make First Round of Cuts

We'll miss you. Maybe.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After Saturday afternoon's game against the Tigers the Yankees announced that they made their first round of cuts for Spring Training. It was originally reported to be six pitchers: Mikey O'Brien, Zach Nuding, Bryan Mitchell, Nick Goody, Shane Greene, and Corey Black. The count has now gone up with Matt Daley and Ryan Pope also being cut, along with first baseman Kyle Roller.

None of these players were expected to make it very far into Spring Training and their dismissal from big league camp was only a matter of time.

Nuding had one inning of work, giving up three hits, three runs, two home runs, while walking none and striking out one. Greene gave up four hits, four runs, one home run, and walked two in 1.1 innings.Black pitched one inning, gave up two runs and walked two. O'Brien gave up five runs on five hits, walked one, gave up two home runs, but also managed to collect two strikeouts in 2.1 innings.

Some of the pitchers actually put up decent numbers, but were sacrificed presumably because there were other pitchers that the organization needed to evaluate over them. Ex-40-man roster member, Ryan Pope, gave up one run on two hits, while also striking out two in two innings of work. Matt Daley was actually the most effective as he struck out four, walked one and gave up a hit in 2.1 innings.

The lone hitter, Kyle Roller, had one hit, two RBIs, and four strikeouts in eight at bats and also committed one error in the field.

Nick Goody never actually got into a game.