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Yankees 1, Phillies 4: The Triumphant Return Of Boone Logan

Nothing else happened in this game. It was all about the return of Boone Logan.


Boone Logan is back, everybody. Rejoice! Done rejoicing? Seriously, that was probably the most positive thing I could take out of this 4-1 loss for the Bombers. It wasn't a bad loss. It wasn't a good loss either. It was just a typical Spring Training loss. As you can see by the score, typical Spring Training loss equals Yankees scoring very little.

Adam Warren took the mound for the Yankees this afternoon against the City of Brotherly Cheesesteaks. He lasted 3.2 innings, giving up seven hits and two earned runs while striking out two and walking one. One of those seven hits was a Domonic Brown home run. Considering what we've seen from Warren this Spring, this wasn't that bad an outing from him. It could have been worse. Much, much worse. Hopefully the Yankees find something to do with him.

Meanwhile the Yankees bullpen would follow up Warren's "meh" performance. Rock Hardballs, Joba Chamberlain's new 70's porn star name, came in to relieve Warren and got the single solitary K he needed. Shave, damn you. Following Rock was the glorious return of bullpen LOOGY superstar Boone Logan. Logan would allow a hit but he would also strike out two batters. An impressive return for Boone. Bullpen strength will be a nice commodity in these dark times. Spring is coming. Shawn Kelley continues his unimpressive relief work for the Yankees, followed by Josh "I wanna like him" Spence and vowel enthusiast David Aardsma.

How about the Yankees offense, folks? Yeah, still only Spring Training. Yeah, still concerned. There's really nothing much to say about the offense today. Gardner bunted his way on, a throwing error allowed him to get to second base, and Ichiro knocked him in with a double to left center. That entire sentence accounts for the one run and two hits in this game. No further development in the outfield competition. Just move along everybody. Nothing to see here.

Oh, and Jeter was scratched from today's lineup due to a "cranky" ankle. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Tonight, Bobinson and Pena of Team DR will take on Team PR for the WBC title. Tomorrow, the Yankees will be back in Tampa to face those dastardly Red Sox at 1PM.

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