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Cesar Carrillo, Named in Biogenesis Scandal, is Suspended by MLB

Who might be next?


Major League Baseball has suspended minor league pitcher Cesar Carrillo for 100 games because he violated the Minor League Baseball drug policy. Carillo, of course, was named in the Biogenesis scandal from earlier in the year that named players like Ryan Braun, Yasmani Grandal, Gio Gonzalez, Danny Valencia, Melky Cabrera, and New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez and Francisco Cervelli. The suspension did not follow a positive test because MLB has a greater jurisdiction over minor leaguers not in the players union. They simply need evidence that is convincing enough in order to take action. It will be harder for the league to suspend the major league players named in the report because the burden of proof is higher for them than simply being on a list.

This could mean that the other players, who have not already been suspended, will not be punished by Major League Baseball unless more proof is discovered. This is good news for the Yankees because if likely Opening Day catcher Francisco Cervelli is suspended it would greatly diminish their already thin depth behind the plate. Alex Rodriguez won't be back until around the All-Star break, and though he'd probably be able to serve a 50-game suspension while on the DL, a 100-game suspension could take away from his time with the team. The team won't be able to void A-Rod's contract, so a suspension won't have any benefit at all.

If the Miami New Times, and Chuck Strouse, want these alleged cheaters to be punished, then the evidence that the paper still possesses will need to be handed over to MLB. They have already refused to hand over all the documents they collected to break the story, but without substantial evidence none of these players will get in trouble, which was the whole purpose for them running the story in the first place.

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