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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News -3/15/13


Yesterday on Pinstriped Bible:

  • Greg had the unfortunate job of recapping yesterday's dumpster fire of a game
  • Cliff Corcoran talked about the battle for the Yankees' fifth starter
  • Steven Goldman looks into the purpose of having Ben Francisco
  • Andrew analyzed Kevin Youkilis' new swing
  • Around the Internet:

    What to Expect - It's About the Money | William Tasker

    IIATMS discusses what we can expect from Ichiro Suzuki this season. He has been a bit of an enigma in recent years as he's declined in Seattle and then revitalized his career in New York. Ichiro has always hit a lot of ground balls during his years of success, but last year his line drive rate was what brought him success.

    PED Penalties - Fox Sports | Ken Rosenthal

    MLB has rejected a proposed two-tiered penalty system when dealing with PEDS. The proposed system would have harsher punishments for intentional violations and lesser punishments for accidental violations. Obviously, it would be impossible to really say who did what on purpose or by accident.

    Infield Depth - Fangraphs | Mike Axisa

    Fangraphs lays out the likely depth chart for the Yankees infield defense. Obvious starters are included, but people without roster spots are also there. Jayson Nix, Austin Romine, David Adams, and Corban Joseph are all listed in the depth chart.

    Relying on Veterans - New York Post | Joel Sherman

    As many memories as Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and Andy Pettitte have made while in pinstripes over the years, 2013 will be about making new memories. The rash of injuries to the team will make their contributions even more important than they were before.

    Mo Will Stay Retired - Sports Radio Interviews | Chris Fedor

    Mariano Rivera is intent on retiring and once this season is over he won't be changing his mind. Sitting out for most of 2012 will help him adjust to being retired, but he feels that there are other things in life besides baseball.

    Quick Hits:

    On His Way: Phil Hughes faced live batters for the first time yesterday and said he felt great. He is expected to throw a simulated game on Monday, but his rehab schedule is cutting it very close to the start of the season.

    Rejected: Brian Cashman tried to coax Derrek Lee out of retirement, but he has instead decided to stay retired.

    NoMaas makes fun of Michael Kay here and Wallace Matthews here.

    Questions of the Day:

    • What should the Yankees do with Eduardo Nunez?
    • Who will be the team to beat in the AL East? The AL?
    • What is your favorite beer/mixed drink/soda, if you're underage?
    • What are you allergic to?

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