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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 3/14/13

Jonathan Daniel

Yesterday on Pinstriped Bible:

Around the Internet:

Pass on Brennan Boesch - An A-Blog for A-Rod | Brad Vietrogoski

Here are all the reasons why the Yankees shouldn't sign the recently released Brennan Boesch: He swings at balls out of the strike zone, he strikes out a lot, and he's a bad fielder. Just because he's a left-handed hitter with some power doesn't mean he's a perfect fit for Yankee Stadium or the Yankees.

Replacing Rivera - New York Post | Joel Sherman

It might be possible to replace Mariano Rivera for a single year like Rafael Soriano did last season, but it will be near impossible to find someone to replace the consistency he had over his career. One of Mo's best traits was his inability to get rattled if he did blow a save. Consistency and calm are what made him a Hall of Famer and the Yankees may have to look a long time before they can find someone like Mo.

New Mechanics - LoHud | Chad Jennings

Dellin Betances has apparently altered his pitching mechanics in order to make his delivery clean and repeatable. He will never have a perfect delivery, but if he can correct the mistakes he has fallen into maybe he can have at least a decent MLB career. It's about time the Yankees broke down his approach and try to fix him; he's looked terrible for awhile now.

Trading With the Rangers - It's About the Money | Michael Eder

After hearing that the Rangers are scouting Joba Chamberlain, IIATMS wonders who the Yankees could get in return for the Yankee pitcher. Between Mike Olt, Mitch Moreland, and Elvis Andrus it looks like Olt is the best bet for the Yankees. The third base prospect would obviously cost more than just Chamberlain, but he's the one position player that the team really needs.

Nova's New Arm Motion - It's About the Money | Michael Eder

Ivan Nova has a new arm motion that will give him a higher arm slot and help him keep the ball down in the zone. The changes will allow him to have the same sinking action for all his pitches, not just the curveball, as well as helping with his command.

Quick Hits:

End of the Line: Yankees prospect Rob Lyerly has decided to retire from baseball. The 2009 6th round draft pick has had two surgeries on his shoulder and was unable to play for much of the 2012 season.

More Cuts: The Yankees made three more cuts yesterday when they optioned Adam Warren, Corban Joseph, and Zoilo Almonte to Triple-A. It would have been nice to see more CoJo and even though it was looking unlikely, Almonte looked like a candidate to replace Curtis Granderson in the outfield.

Trash Collectors: Left-handed hitting first baseman David Cooper has been released by the Blue Jays and the Yankees could potentially take a look at him. It looks like Cooper has suffered a back injury that could threaten his career, but at 26, he could still has time to heal.

Questions of the Day:

  • Who is your favorite baseball announcer/YES announcer?
  • If you were the GM of the Yankees for a day, what would you do?
  • Mac or PC?
  • What is your favorite comfort food?

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