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Tigers Release Brennan Boesch, Yankees Obviously Interested

Yankees pursuing more players that other teams don't want. Please, contain your excitement.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Another day, another post about how the Yankees are interested in another team's castoff to plug a hole in their medical unit of a team. Today, Brennan Boesch, who will become a free agent if he is not claimed on waivers. Half a dozen teams are interested in the services of Boesch if you believe Tigers' GM Dave Dombrowski, so it's possible that the Yankees will not even get to venture into this dumpster-diving opportunity.

Boesch batted .240/.286/.372 in 132 games for Detroit in 2012. Adding another lefty to an already lefty-heavy lineup is not perfect, but he has managed double digit home runs the last three years, which is something for a team that has lost the bulk of their ability to hit the long ball to injury or free agency.

None of the options are going to be slam-dunks, and none of them are going to be that good. When you rummage through another team's trash, it's still just that. The Yankees can sign all the Ben Francisco/Brennan Boesch types they want, hoping they'll turn into gold, but the chances of that are not good. It seems like they'd rather go with a proven poor commodity with major league experience over one of their prospects that may have some actual upside. I can't explain the reasoning, but I doubt they'd be signing every player off the scrap heap if they were dedicated to giving one of the kids a shot. Oh well, we know what team we root for. No one should be surprised.

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