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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 3/12/13

Chipper Jones is really excited about the idea of becoming a Yankee. Oh wait, no he's not.
Chipper Jones is really excited about the idea of becoming a Yankee. Oh wait, no he's not.
Scott Cunningham

Yesterday on Pinstriped Bible:

Around the World:

Fangraphs Top 100 Prospects - Fangraphs | Marc Hulet

Mason Williams placed at #36, Gary Sanchez was #42, and Slade Heathcott was #87. Hulet commented that his ranking on Sanchez was "safe," but he wouldn't be surprised to see him up in the 15-25 range next year. He also said that if Slade can stay healthy and play an entire season he can easily rank much higher.

No Time to Spare - The Star-Ledger | Andy McCullough

Phil Hughes is making strides in rehabbing a bulging disc in his back, but he is unsure if he'll be on schedule to make his first regular season start. There is very little time for him to rehab as it is, so if he does not meet each hurdle on time, he could run the risk of missing, at the very least, the first week of the season.

The Leader of the Staff - New York Post | Joel Sherman

While the Yankees have lost a lot of offense, their pitching staff is what will keep them a threat, at least until Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson return. CC Sabathia will now be the most important Yankee on the team because he needs to lead the rotation if they want to compete this year.

What's Good for the Goose - Joe Blogs | Joe Posnanski

Going off of what Goose Gossage said about Mariano Rivera and one inning relievers of the modern era, Joe Posnanski compares the two Yankee relievers' stats and determines that regardless of how they were used, Mo was still the better pitcher.

Calling All Retirees - LoHud | Chad Jennings

Before the Yankees signed Ben Francisco to a minor league deal, Brian Cashman had reached out to Derrek Lee, Chipper Jones, and Scott Rolen. Lee hasn't played since 2011, Jones retired last year, and Rolen is currently sitting at home without a team.

Brawl Heard Round the World - The Star-Ledger | Andy McCullough

Yankees infielder Gil Velazquez was on the field when the Mexico-Canda fight errupted during the World Baseball Classic. He only wants his country to be remembered for the way they play baseball, but, unfortunately, people will only remember the fighting. The fight started when Canada broke an unwritten rule in baseball by bunting with a large lead. Velazquez says his team wasn't told all the rules, specifically about the importance of run differential in the WBC.

Quick Hits:

The Next Step: Michael Pineda will throw a full 35-pitch bullpen today and will throw sliders for the first time since surgery.

Pitching Prospect: Many experts have labeled Rafael DePaula an extreme risk/extreme reward case and love his raw stuff.

Questions of the Day:

  • If you could trade for any one player in baseball, who would it be?
  • What city would you like to see baseball expand to?
  • What do you normally drink with your meals?
  • How many states have you been to?

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