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Who Can Sign Robinson Cano? You Decide! Open Thread


Robinson Cano has a big contract coming to him. The idea of a 10 year $200M contract has been floated around, but as a second baseman past the age of 30, that number might be a little farfetched. Buster Olney has reported that the Yankees might be playing around with an offer in the vicinity of $189M over seven years, which amounts to $27M per year.

At the moment it's not sure if this is an official offer that has been already made, or something that is simply traveling through whispers, but a contract that size would at least merit a discussion on Cano's side of the table. Even if that deal represents the real market value of Cano at this time, his agent, Scott Boras, is going to want him to reject the deal in favor of testing the free agent waters and hopefully up the bidding.

Andrew Marchand of ESPN recently identified the Dodgers, Mets, Phillies, Cubs, Red Sox as potential suitors for Cano. I would also put the Rangers, Tigers, and Angels in the category of "able to afford Cano." All have or have had the financial might to draw up such a contract, or in the very least, drive up the cost for the Yankees. Each of these teams has the ability to afford Cano if they wanted to, though some of them have obstacles that will make it highly unlikely.

Which teams do you think will be able to challenge the Yankees for the right to Robinson Cano? Would you sign Cano to a 7 year $189M contract?


Open Thread Questions:

Are you still waiting to hear back from David Ortiz?

Who has been the biggest disappointment in Spring Training so far?

Who has been the biggest surprise?

What did you eat for dinner?

(I'd like to thank Tanya B. for inspiring the questions)

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