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Yankees to honor Nelson Mandela with a plaque in Monument Park

The Yankees will honor the recently deceased Nelson Mandela, known for his fight against apartheid, with a plaque in Monument Park on Jackie Robinson Day.

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The Yankees are going to honor Nelson Mandela with a plaque in Monument Park. Mandela, who recently passed away on December 5th, is famous for fighting against apartheid in his native country of South Africa.

According to David Waldstein, the plaque will be unveiled on Jackie Robinson Day, April 15th, while the Cubs are visiting. Mandela's plaque will join the likes of other non-Yankees who have been honored in Monument Park, including: Robinson, three Popes who have led masses there, as well as the victims of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

Nelson Mandela actually visited Yankee Stadium in 1990, just a few months after being released from his 27-year-long stay in South African prisons. During his visit, which was to raise funds for his anti-apartheid organization, Mandela spoke to a sold out crowd at Yankee Stadium. He donned a Yankee cap and jacket and reportedly said, "You know who I am. I am a Yankee." George Steinbrenner was supposedly so pleased with this that he did not even charge the city for hosting the fund-raising event.

How do you feel about the Yankees decision to honor Mandela in this way?