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Yankees sign Carlos Beltran: Reaction from around the internet

The Yankees signed Carlos Beltran. The internet did what it does best and reacted to that.


The Yankees have agreed to terms with Carlos Beltran on a three-year deal worth $45 million and the internet has some opinions about that. Beltran is roughly the Yankees' 928th outfielder currently on the roster, which could mean more moves are inevitably coming.

As with any signing or trade, the reaction seems pretty split. Some are horrified at the third year and some are just happy a dude with October success is coming to New York. Feel free to leave your reaction to the signing in the comments below.

That beats the heck out of Ichiro Suzuki, Chris Stewart and Jayson Nix.

With little indication that there won't be more to come!

We certainly hope so. How much better would it look WITH Cano?

All chips in for Masahiro Tanaka! Without him, the options are not so good.

We asked our loyal Twitter followers what they thought of the signing.


I feel your pain, man.

Panic moves on a Friday night. Love that.

It's not funny because it's true.

All in favor of cannoning Ichiro and Wells say aye.

League manager bringing the pain.

The curse of 2013 can't possibly carry over into next year...can it?

Too soon, man. Way too soon.

There's the optimism we like to see!

Hopefully we make it there for that to matter.

Don't forget to leave your reactions in the comments below.