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It's all over: Robinson Cano and Mariners agree on 10 years, $240 million

Dear sweet fancy Moses. Well, it's been fun Robbie. Bah humbug.

Otto Greule Jr

Well, folks. The ride has come to its end. Robinson Cano is reportedly no longer a member of the New York Yankees.

Woof. As many people on Twitter have said, it's hard to blame Cano for taking that huge deal; it's probably around what we wanted from the Yankees all along. Yet as much as I love Robbie, that is an absolutely enormous and length contract. If the Yankees had signed him to that deal, there would be a ton of mixed emotions, as there are right now. Ten years is a long contract, and Cano will be 41 by the time it's all over.

Cano leaving the team is a dagger to next year's team and probably 2015 as well, but perhaps for the 2016 and beyond, the Yankees might be better off without another $24 million deal for an aging second baseman hanging on their shoulders until 2023. We'll definitely have more on Cano's departure soon.