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Yankees announce Brian McCann deal, will introduce him in Thursday press conference

It's official: Brian McCann is a Yankee.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The news of Brian McCann signing with the Yankees broke about a week and a half ago, but now, the Yankees have officially signed the 29-year-old former Braves catcher to a five-year contract:

The exact details of the vesting option for 2019 have not yet been released, but we'll be sure to post about it as soon we hear them. Chances are it will have something to do with McCann staying healthy and appearing in a requisite number of games behind the plate that will make the final year logical.


That option makes sense. Basically, if McCann stays healthy toward the end of his deal, the option will vest. If he's staying healthy at that point, then the Yankees would probably want him back anyway.


Owner Hal Steinbrenner announced that the Yankees' work this offseason "has just begun," but they feel that the McCann signing is "an important step." Looks like we might see some more player introductions as the offseason continues; from the rumors circulating around the Twitterverse, it certainly seems likely.

As the Yankees' tweet says, they will introduce him to the public in a press conference at Yankee Stadium on Thursday. The Yankees haven't introduced a newly-signed player since Rafael Soriano in January 2011, but the pomp and circumstance of the "new player press conference" will return to the Bronx after an unusual two-year hiatus. We will learn then what number McCann will where, though it's very possible that we'll see pictures of his t-shirt on sale before the press conference, like when Prince Fielder's new #84 was seen in the Rangers' team store prior to his introduction to Texas. McCann can't wear his old #16 anymore, so what will he choose? Jason posted some ideas shortly after the signing; what do you think?

Regardless, it will be fun to see a new era in the Yankees' long tradition of catching greatness from Bill Dickey to Jorge Posada hopefully resume with McCann over the next five years.

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