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Goodnight Boone - Saying goodbye to the 2013 Yankees

Goodnight Boone - a Parody Poem by I'mGivingYouARaise

Andrew Burton

I've decided to say goodbye to this awful, awful year of Yankees baseball in the best way I know how; parody poetry. So, in keeping with the classic children's poem "Goodnight Moon" I give you all "Goodnight Boone."

Goodnight Boone

by I'mGivingYouARaise

In the big Bronx tomb

There were some broken bones

And a big buffoon

And a LOOGY who would go by the name of Boone.

And there were unanswered prayers, some oblique tears.

And ten third basemen

And a decent bullpen

And a lot of dumb boasts

Youk's face was gross

And some hits and some grit and some uneven splits

And the final days of old Yankee Andy Pettitte

Goodnight tomb

Goodnight soon

Goodnight LOOGY who was so named Boone

Goodnight Joba

He's a big buffoon

Goodnight prayers

Goodnight tears

Goodnight third basemen

And goodnight bullpen

Goodnight Mo

Enter woe

Goodnight dumb boasts

Youk's face was so gross

Goodnight hits

And goodnight grit

Goodnight Cano

Goodnight splits

And goodnight to the old Yankee Andy Pettitte

Goodnight stars

Goodnight dreams

Goodnight two thousand and thirteen

Good riddance to 2013.