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NFL/Sunday afternoon open thread

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The next to last week of regular season football is upon us. Teams are still vying for playoff spots as we approach the Christmas holiday. Feel free to discuss football or whatever else you feel like talking about on a Sunday afternoon. We'll be here throughout the day if anything happens on the Yankees front.

Try your hand at some predictions while you're here. Here are today's games:

Dolphins vs. Bills

Vikings vs. Bengals

Colts vs. Chiefs

Buccaneers vs. Rams

Browns vs. Jets

Cowboys vs. Redskins

Saints vs. Panthers

Titans vs. Jaguars

Broncos vs. Texans

Giants vs. Lions

Cardinals vs. Seahawks

Steelers vs. Packers

Raiders vs. Chargers

Patriots vs. Ravens

Bears vs. Eagles

Falcons vs. 49ers (Monday)

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!