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Yankees will end their relationship with Mike Francesa

I wonder why *cough*A-Rod*cough*


Since the YES Network came into being in 2002, the channel has supported Mike Francesa by simulcasting his radio show. That all ends on January 31 when their contract with WFAN ends. Replacing him will be none other than Michael Kay, the Yankees' primary play-by-play guy and host of CenterStage on YES, whose ESPN radio show will now take over Francesa's spot. Just what you always wanted, more Michael Kay, right?

On the surface, it seems like a move driven by money, since Kay's show will cost them far less, however, the Yankees have previously shown a commitment to Francesa when MSG attempted to win the show before YES matched their contract offer. Letting him leave now will lead to some thinking and it's not too hard to guess why.

It was only a little while ago that Alex Rodriguez stormed out of his appeal hearing and managed to find his way onto the Mike Francesa Show, where he was allowed to say pretty much whatever he wanted about MLB, the Yankees, and the Biogenesis suspension. Francesa even seemed to be supporting him, or was at least "complicit" in allowing A-Rod such a platform, which would then be syndicated onto the YES Network. I imagine the Steinbrenners didn't take too kindly to a show, in association with the Yankees, providing the villainous Alex Rodriguez with an open forum on their dime.

"Oh look, their contract is up in just a few months. Now to install our puppet."

But that's just my conspiracy theory. Maybe it's all just a business matter. What does everyone else think?