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Kelly Johnson, Yankees starting second baseman? What does Twitter have to say about this?

Tell us what to do, Twitter


What are the Yankees going to do about second base? They don't have Robinson Cano anymore, and the best option on the market, Omar Infante, just signed with the Royals, if you can believe that. What will they do? Twitter knows:

Matt P. starts us off with some loud yelling.

I know I will be, how about you guys? Let's get some ideas rolling:

But do we want to give up any more draft picks for Stephen Drew? They have already lost a total of three picks as it is.

Eh, I don't know. Brian Roberts is never healthy, and also neither of those players can hit lefties very well.

Not a bad idea at all. Ellis hits lefties well, Johnson hits righties. It could work.

In that case, aren't we all?

Oh no. This is the stuff of nightmares, people. Run away, run far away.