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Vernon Wells says he will change his number

I know everyone was really worried about this

Mike Stobe

In case you missed it, the Seattle Mariners signed Corey Hart, gave him Taijuan Walker's number, and claimed that he gave it up. It turned out Walker had no idea what was going on. The Yankees managed to have a similar, but less controversial issue on the same day.

If you didn't see the Yankees introduce Jacoby Ellsbury on Friday, it was revealed that he would be wearing #22 on the Yankees.

Uh oh, did anyone tell Vernon Wells? Don't worry:

Super important. Now that Chris Stewart is gone, Vern will be free to take an even lower, more important number than before and he was nice enough to permit Ellsbury to take it. Though, I don't know where he'll be wearing that number. Unless he walks around his living room in full uniform, it's highly doubtful that one of the worst hitters in baseball last year will be back with the Yankees when they already have one of the worst hitters in baseball in Ichiro Suzuki.

My guess is that the Yankees actually informed him about the number change, though they probably haven't told him he's been DFA'd yet.