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MLB plans to investigate Yankees president Randy Levine's comments about Mike Trout

Randy Levine needs to learn to be quiet

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

While discussing Robinson Cano's comments about feeling like the Yankees didn't really want him, Randy Levine talked about how the organization didn't believe 10-year contracts worked for players over the age of 30. They already witnessed first hand the mistake Alex Rodriguez was and Albert Pujols isn't looking much better. The Yankees felt they were better off avoiding another longterm mistake.

That doesn't mean they would be opposed to such a contract under different circumstances, later down the road. "Now, if it was Mike Trout, I'd offer him a 10-year contract," Levine declared. Say, in 2018, when Mike Trout will be a free agent at the age of 27. A 10-year deal would take him to his age-37 season, which is a much more reasonable age compared to the fact that the three players currently signed to such contracts will be in their 40's when it's all said and done.

MLB has taken issue with Levine's comments because you aren't allowed to discuss players currently under contract in the public arena. This way, it avoids teams potentially altering the market for a player before it can even form. They previously investigated Magic Johnson's comments about the Dodgers not being interested in signing Cano. He wasn't technically declared a free agent at the time, so MLB had to be sure their was no ulterior motive behind his words.

It has been hypothesized that Trout could bring in the first $300 million contract in baseball history. That is, unless Clayton Kershaw scores that much next year. It will be a long five years before we see how Trout's career develops and what people will be looking to give him. We'll just have to play a very long waiting game, that is, unless the Angels can somehow extend him.

In all likelihood, nothing will come of all this, but they have to be sure that their system is still running smoothly. No one wants another case of collusion going around.