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Brian Kenny tries to fix the Yankees via Twitter

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Kenny of MLB Network loves Twitter. He has strong opinions about MVP voting and regularly goes nose to nose with those who lower the level of baseball discourse in public, like the BBWAA. Last night on Twitter, Kenny decided to give his thoughts on how to fix the Yankees. He has done this with other franchises this offseason, but it was finally time to see what plans he had in store for the Yankees.

Here's what he had to say.

I'm not entirely opposed to Choo but I'm afraid of those splits against left-handers and tying up all that money in the outfield.

Does that mean Beltran is the DH if we're getting Choo? I'm not entirely opposed to that. Dude has bad knees.

Kelly Johnson doesn't fill me with inspiration but Omar Infante doesn't either, really. Bring me Dustin Ackley to see if he can regain the status that made him a second overall pick instead.

Relief does look pretty shaky. Shakier than it has in a few years for the Yankees. I don't know who the answer is out on the market, though. Balfour is going to want to close. That would suit some Yankees fans but not me.

Yes, yes, yes. What a disaster.

Also agreed. The comparisons to Phil Hughes are not fair.

*calculates how much longer Mark Teixeira will be on the team*

As much as it pains me, I know this is correct. I'd have hated that deal if the Yankees gave it to Cano.

Backloaded deals scare me. Albert Pujols, anyone? Ugly.

I don't know about this, Kenny...

Still not sure about it.

Two out of three ain't bad?

The Binder isn't going to like this one.

Wait, why was there no #14? Anyway...

Sure, maybe if people actually show up to the games. That would be nice.

There you have it. That's how Brian Kenny would fix the Yankees. What do you think of his ideas?