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Alex Rodriguez, poet?

Alex Rodriguez has issued multiple statements to the public during the last year. By deconstructing, then reconstructing these statements we can discover A-Rod's true feelings and creativity.

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The Thinker?
The Thinker?
Jim McIsaac

Alex Rodriguez has communicated to the media through press releases during this past season. Diving into those statements resulted in a shocking find. A-Rod is a poet. The code was difficult to decipher at first, but the true meaning of the statements were eventually revealed. What you see below is the poem A-Rod secretly hid throughout his public statements.

Stood by myself

it is sad


the house of horrors

forced to walk through


and will

are not legitimate

I am deeply troubled

this fight

working hard

never treated

not true

I am disappointed

the story

My story

My energy

every day

each and every day

a part of it

every day

Protect me

Vindicate me

The day to come

Major League Baseball has been making quite a few statements of its own. No poems were revealed, but this one did jump out as potentially related to A-Rod's poetry.

Allan H. (Bud) Selig...will formally step down (as Commissioner).

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