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Who should the Yankees sign out of the players given qualifying offers?

Marc Serota

The Yankees extended qualifying offers to Robinson Cano, Hiroki Kuroda, and Curtis Granderson, so someone might have to pay a draft pick, but the Yankees won't. There are ten other players though that they would have to pay that price for. Are any of them worth it?

Nelson Cruz would be worth a year or two-year deal, coming off his PED connected suspension. That's exactly what the Rangers are thinking, giving him a qualifying offer. Teams will likely shy away from signing him if he has a draft pick connected to him, so Cruz will likely stay in Texas and build up value.

Stephen Drew would make a great addition to the team, but not at the cost of a draft pick. We all know that Derek Jeter will be the everyday shortstop, so the Yankees are better off going after someone like Brendan Ryan who can come in off the bench.

Whether or not Jacoby Ellsbury is worth a longterm contract, the Yankees shouldn't be the one to pay him. Now that he's tied to a draft pick, and with his injury history, he'd be a bad decision for the Yankees. Ellsbury will either end up back in Boston or signed by a team looking to prove they can bring in high-priced talent (Read: Mariners).

In theory, Mike Napoli could be worth it, however, now that he's no longer a catcher, he has no place on this team. The Yankees have Mark Teixeira, and though Napoli might be a better option going forward, the Yankees still have Tex's contract on the books. It doesn't make sense to give up a draft pick for someone who will have to move from first to DH just to get into the lineup.

The Yankees won't be signing Kendrys Morales for the same reason they won't sign Napoli: He has no place on the roster. Unless it's a team in desperate need of a first baseman and on the verge of contention, the Mariners look to be the best fit for him.

MLB Trade Rumors predicted that the Yankees would sign Ervin Santana to a five year, $75 million contract. Not only is he not worth $15 million a year based on his inconsistencies, but he's certainly not worth giving up a draft pick for. Santana wouldn't be a disaster, but a career 1.22 HR/9 in Yankee Stadium could end up even worse than the A.J. Burnett deal.

Ubaldo Jimenez showed he could be worth something this season, however, with the inconsistencies he's shown, it's not a slam dunk investment if the Yankees are giving up a draft pick. He could take the $14.1 million contract for his age-30 season and hope he builds off his 2013 season to look better on the open market, draft pick or not, next offseason.

Shin-Soo Choo would be worth giving up a draft pick for. His on base ability is exactly what the team missed last season. In case you don't realize, he's had the seventh best OBP in the league since 2010. He'd likely command $100 million and would force Ichiro Suzuki to a bench job, so that's an extra bonus.

Brian McCann could be the most useful player on this list for the Yankees, but his injury history could end up sapping his value throughout the life of his contract. Giving up a draft pick for McCann would be a tough decision, and it wouldn't be the wrong decision, but they should look into other catchers, like Jarrod Saltalamacchia, that won't be as costly. Gary Sanchez could give them an excuse not to invest heavily behind the plate just yet.

Despite the Yankees' packed outfield, signing Carlos Beltran would be a great move. He might be reaching the end of his career, but he's proven that he's not only healthy, but still productive. Unfortunately, with a draft pick now linked to him, it might make more sense to sign him if the Yankees have already signed someone who cost a draft pick.

In the end, the Yankees should sign at least one of Choo and McCann. After that, Beltran and maybe Drew would be worth signing if they're already giving up their first round pick. Cano will likely be back, and Kuroda will either retire or return, so Granderson is likely be the only player that would give the Yankees a pick back. If Granderson accepts to QO then it's a whole new ballgame.

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