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Alex Rodriguez files complaint over stimulants leak

Tom Szczerbowski

Here we go again, both sides of the Alex Rodriguez appeal are throwing down again. A-Rod's team filed a complaint on Sunday, alleging that MLB leaked false information concerning his history with banned substances. The complaint is in regards to the New York Times article that says a source claims Rodriguez failed a test back in 2006 for stimulants. the positive test was never made public because only two positive tests warrants a suspension. His team has denied that he tested positive for anything.

MLB has already responded: "We honor our joint drug program and never publicly disclose player test results until it's publicly announced."

Except they don't, because leaks like this have been happening consistently over the past year and throughout the entire post-steroid era witch hunt. From the Mitchell Report, which was supposed to be confidential, to A-Rod's outed test results in 2009, to the very public investigation of Biogenesis, and now all the leaks that MLB has been releasing during the appeal process. MLB claims they are following the JDA and CBA, but they're the ones that are somehow always releasing confidential information to the press. So either they have a problem with employee confidentiality agreements or the make it a policy to break the league's own rules.

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