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Yankee legends react to the 2013 Yankees

Oh how they would be displeased with their descendants...

Don't hurt me Mr. Baseball!
Don't hurt me Mr. Baseball!

The 2013 Yankees might have finished over .500, but their .525 winning percentage was worse than 82 of the 111 teams in franchise history. Only 13 Yankee teams had a lower run differential than the -21 posted by the 2013 Yankees, who were somehow lucky enough to become the first negative run differential team in franchise history to finish over .500. Needless to say, they disappointed their predecessors. How do you think those legends and other Yankee greats would have reacted to the crappy baseball frequently played by the 2013 bunch?

Teach me how to outfield

"After two strikes, I called my shot. You left."

You have to hand it to Stewart: he keeps finding new ways to ... on Twitpic

Catching 101


Throwing the Iron Horse off his horse


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Baserunning skills set evaluation

From a first baseman: "Hold the ball... oh."


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So what should we do about the 2013 season, Babe?

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Seems like a fine idea. Chuck it into the shed, never to be heard from again.

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