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Pinstripe Alley 2014 free agent signing predictions

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 offseason has begun and free agency is here. Soon, all free agency will be clear to sign with whatever team they want. Now is the time to predict who will sign where. Five of us made our predictions for some of the best free agents who will be on the open market.

Player Jason Tanya Andrew Jesse Ferenchick Result
Bronson Arroyo Twins Mets Twins Mets Nationals D'backs
Grant Balfour D-Backs Athletics Rangers Angels Dodgers Rays
Carlos Beltran Cardinals Yankees Angels Yankees Cardinals Yankees
Lance Berkman Retire Retire Retire Retire Rays Retire
A.J. Burnett Retire Pirates Pirates Pirates Pirates Phillies
Marlon Byrd Pirates Red Sox Tigers Pirates Reds Phillies
Joba Chamberlain Twins Indians Royals Rays White Sox Tigers
Robinson Cano Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Mariners
Shin-Soo Choo Rangers Rangers Phillies Rangers Orioles Rangers
Bartolo Colon Athletics Athletics Giants Athletics Marlins Mets
Nelson Cruz Phillies Tigers Reds Mets White Sox Orioles
David DeJesus Reds Cardinals Mets Rays Twins Rays
Stephen Drew Reds Cardinals Angels Cardinals Brewers Red Sox
Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox Mariners Mariners Mariners Dodgers Yankees
Scott Feldman Orioles Angels White Sox Orioles Tigers Astros
Matt Garza Rangers Pirates Nationals Nationals Indians Brewers
Curtis Granderson Yankees White Sox White Sox White Sox Yankees Mets
Roy Halladay Phillies Retire Athletics Phillies Indians Retire
Jason Hammel Pirates Royals Cubs Indians D-Backs Cubs
Dan Haren Phillies Yankees Padres Giants Royals Dodgers
Tim Hudson Braves Braves Reds Rangers D-Backs Giants
Phil Hughes Giants D-Backs Giants Angels Padres Twins
Raul Ibanez Rangers Mariners Mariners Mariners Blue Jays Angels
Omar Infante Tigers Tigers Royals Tigers Nationals Royals
Ubaldo Jimenez Angels Angels Royals Giants Braves Orioles
Josh Johnson Royals D-Backs Rays Blue Jays Marlins Padres
Scott Kazmir Indians Cubs Indians Cubs Mets Athletics
Jason Kubel Giants Rangers Orioles Orioles White Sox Twins
Hiroki Kuroda Yankees Yankees Yankees Japan Yankees Yankees
James Loney Pirates White Sox Mariners Rays Mariners Rays
Paul Maholm Indians Orioles Braves Brewers Orioles Dodgers
Joe Nathan Rangers Tigers Tigers Tigers Rangers Tigers
Brian McCann Braves Yankees Red Sox Rangers Braves Yankees
Nate McLouth Phillies Orioles Yankees Astros Cubs Nationals
Kendrys Morales Mariners Mariners Rangers Rangers Mariners Twins
Justin Morneau Rockies Rockies Pirates Pirates Orioles Rockies
Michael Morse Rays Pirates Marlins Rays Brewers Giants
David Murphy Orioles Rays Brewers Royals Mariners Indians
Mike Napoli Red Sox Red Sox Rockies Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox
Ricky Nolasco Dodgers Dodgers Mariners Twins Cubs Twins
Lyle Overbay Brewers Rays Retire Retire Twins Brewers
Jhonny Peralta Cardinals Blue Jays Cardinals Reds Mets Cardinals
A.J. Pierzynski Rangers Red Sox White Sox Blue Jays Phillies Red Sox
Mark Reynolds Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Brewers
Carlos Ruiz Phillies White Sox Phillies Phillies Yankees Phillies
Jarrod Saltalamacchia Red Sox Rangers Angels Red Sox Red Sox Marlins
Ervin Santana Rangers Royals Royals Mariners Blue Jays Braves
Brian Wilson Tigers Dodgers White Sox Rockies Dodgers Dodgers
Kevin Youkilis Mariners Cubs Rays Indians Rays Japan
Michael Young Angels Braves Red Sox Retire Tigers Retire
Number Right 8 11 7 10 3

So, what do you think? Let us know your predictions below.