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NFL/Sunday afternoon open thread

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully you feel nice and refreshed for a day of football after the time change last night. Unless your team is awful, then no time change will make that any better. But hey, 2013 has been terrible for our baseball team and the sooner it's out of here, the sooner we can move on to bigger and better things.

Try your hand at predictions or just hang around for the afternoon. Normally we'd say that no one cares about your fantasy team and that is good advice to follow, but these threads can be the exception. Who is helping you/screwing you over this week? We're here for you.

Chiefs vs. Bills

Vikings vs. Cowboys

Titans vs. Rams

Saints vs. Jets

Chargers vs. Redskins

Falcons vs. Panthers

Eagles vs. Raiders

Buccaneers vs. Seahawks

Ravens vs. Browns

Steelers vs. Patriots (meteor, please)

Colts vs. Texans

Enjoy your afternoon.

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