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Yankees Rumors: Marlins express interest in Phil Hughes

The Marlins have expressed interest in Phil Hughes. It could be a perfect match.

Anytime we have a chance to post this sculpture, it must be done
Anytime we have a chance to post this sculpture, it must be done
Mike Ehrmann

According to a recent post by MLB Trade Rumors, the Miami Marlins have called Phil Hughes and are possibly interested in acquiring his services. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald writes,

The Marlins often like to pursue players who had one bad year after a good one, hoping to get them at a reasonable price. So it’s not surprising they called about Yankees free agent right-hander Phil Hughes, who went 4-14 with a 5.19 ERA in 2013 after going 16-13 in 2012. The Marlins are considering adding an inexpensive veteran starting pitcher.

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Phil Hughes could potentially be a perfect fit for Miami. Marlins Park is, without question, a pitcher friendly ballpark and Hughes is a fly-ball pitcher who is looking for a bounce back, return to form year after his dismal outing in the 2013 regular season. As Jackson said, Phil Hughes should be relatively inexpensive. Especially when you consider the recent four year deal Jason Vargas got from the Royals. Hughes is not that much better or worse than Vargas and can probably be acquired somewhere around the same price. Of course, judging anything by what Dayton Moore does is a questionable course of action. Regardless of that, Phil Hughes' tenure in Yankee Stadium should be over with and Marlins Park might be a place where Hughes can shine and be the potentially great pitcher he never was with the Yankees.

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