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NFL/Sunday afternoon open thread

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

If you'd like to talk some football or anything that isn't related to the Yankees signing Brian McCann, here is the place to do it. Fantasy Football playoffs for the Pinstripe Alley league begins next week, so teams are vying for those valuable playoff spots. Feel free to discuss your team, real or fake.

Here are the games on tap for today:

Steelers vs. Browns

Buccaneers vs. Lions

Vikings vs. Packers

Chargers vs. Chiefs

Bears vs. Rams

Panthers vs. Dolphins

Jets vs. Ravens

Jaguars vs. Texans

Titans vs. Raiders

Colts vs. Cardinals

Giants vs. Cowboys

Broncos vs. Patriots

Make your predictions for the games in the comments below. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and we'll be here all day with more McCann signing analysis throughout the day, as well as anything else that may pop up along the way.

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