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Yankees sign Brian McCann: Reaction from around the internet

The internet reacts to the Yankees signing Brian McCann.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees agreed to a five-year deal with free agent catcher Brian McCann. Here are reactions from around the internet on what is likely the biggest free agent signing of the offseason so far.

After a season of Chris Stewart, any gushing over offensive capabilities of a catcher are welcome. Welcome back, sweet hitting ability.

So long, 19th pick. If the Yankees were going to make a big splash this offseason, and they needed to, that pick wasn't going to be theirs anyway. This just got it out of the way early. Hopefully there are still more big moves to come to fill areas of need, like is suggested here.

Your move, Robbie. Getting McCann inked and bringing back Cano in the same week would go a long way toward making this team look better. More moves still need to be made, of course.

We asked the PSA Twitter contingent what they thought of the move. The reaction was largely positive, as you might guess.

Not everyone was thrilled, though.

Oh, and this is kind of comforting.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

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