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Yankees plan to spend big on international amateur free agents


An international scout believes the Yankees are planning to spend big on foreign amateurs during the 2013-2014 signing period. They have already exceeded their bonus pool allotment of $1,877,000 by signing Leonardo Molina at $1.4 million and Yonauris Rodriguez at $550,000 during the period that started in July and will end next summer. It is believed that the team is willing to incur the maximum penalties for exceeding the spending limit in order to sign as much talent as possible.

The Yankees have already spent 3.8% over their limit, but penalties only kick in at 5% over the limit. If they go 15% over their limit they will have to pay 100% tax and will only be able to spend $250,000 on a player over the next signing period. The strategy then would be to go in big, spend whatever money is needed, and worry about the penalties later.

The Yankees could be planning on spending big in order to add as much talent into a depleted system as quickly as possible. The Rangers and Cubs have gone over the limit in 2012-2013, so the Yankees could do the same if they're worried about the creation of an international draft.

Their best course of action could be to sign the top international free agents on the market instead of signing young potential who the team would then have to develop.

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