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MLB impeded Florida Department of Health Investigation into Biogenesis

MLB possibly did exactly what they have accused A-Rod of doing by interfering with a government investigation.

Patrick McDermott

According to Outside the Lines, Major League Baseball impeded the Florida Department of Health's investigation into Anthony Bosch when they purchased that they likely knew were stolen from the clinic. According to ESPN, baseball had been warned not to try and obtain the documents because they were important to the Florida Department of Health's investigation into Biogenesis.

The source said MLB knew the documents had been intended for Florida investigators and that the purchase of them hindered the state investigation by preventing the department from gathering additional evidence against Bosch, doctors and others affiliated with the clinic. Further, MLB officials never told health department officials they had obtained the records, the source said.

"They can't say they weren't warned," the official said.

Major League Baseball denied impeding the Florida investigation, and also points out that MLB's investigation would have been "extremely impeded" without the documents, acknowledging that they wouldn't have been able to discipline players without that evidence. Along with the testimony of Anthony Bosch, these clinic documents are critically important in MLB's case to defend the 211 game suspension levied against Alex Rodriguez.

This is simply the latest twist in what has become quite a show in the battle between Major League Baseball and its highest paid player. It's ironic how A-Rod's suspension is partly based on impeding MLB's investigation into Biogenesis when now MLB is being accused of interfering with a government investigation. The appeal resumes on Monday, when A-Rod's legal team will begin to present its defense.

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