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Robinson Cano finishes fifth in MVP voting

Tom Szczerbowski

We all knew Robinson Cano wasn't going to win the American League Most Valuable Player Award, but he was likely to place high. He was easily the Yankees' MVP in 2013 and, according to the BBWAA, he was the fifth most valuable player in the league.

Miguel Cabrera won his second MVP in a row, receiving 23 first place votes. Mike Trout placed second, with only five votes, and Chris Davis and Josh Donaldson each received a single first-place vote apiece.

Cano received one third place vote, five fourth place votes, nine fifth place votes, two sixth place votes, six seventh place votes, five eighth place votes, and two ninth place votes. He finished in front of Evan Longoria, Dustin Pedroia, Adrian Beltre, Manny Machado, and David Ortiz, to round out the top ten. He placed as high as third in 2010, and has placed in the top ten for the last four years, which helps give him a multi-million dollar resume going into free agency.

Yankee beat writer Wallace Matthews of ESPN gave Cano a ninth-place vote, while Chad Jennings of LoHud gave Cano a fifth-place vote.

He was also the only Yankee to receive any votes. While that's not really surprising, seeing as how few Yankee regulars got substantial playing time in 2013, but a down-ballot vote for Mariano Rivera or even Hiroki Kuroda could have happened, seeing as how Coco Crisp received a single tenth-place vote.

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