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Possibly no Masahiro Tanaka this offseason as posting system falls through

Koji Watanabe

Apparently no deal has officially been put into place in regards to a new posting system. It was believed that MLB's proposal was accepted, but now that doesn't look to be the case. Japanese baseball officials are hesitant to agree to the new deal so MLB will try to re-work the proposal.

One MLB owner said there are serious reservations about the posting process among the teams. It's possible that no agreement will be reached this offseason, which would rule out Masahiro Tanaka coming to America this offseason.

Thought to be one of the favorites to land Tanaka, the Yankees will have to alter their offseason plans if Tanaka is in fact off the table. He is their best chance at landing top of the rotation talent for a reasonable amount of money, so if they want to fill their rotation, they'll either have to go for one-year deal types like Hiroki Kuroda and Tim Hudson, or overpay for the likes of Ubaldo Jimenez, Matt Garza, and Ervin Santana, all of whom will cost them their first round draft pick.

There's obviously still time for things to change and the two leagues to come to some kind of agreement, but the Yankees need to start looking seriously into a plan B if they want a legitimate rotation in 2014.

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