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Yankees Rumors: Mutual interest between Brendan Ryan and New York


Ken Rosenthal is reporting that there is mutual interest between Brendan Ryan and the Yankees. He says that a deal could happen quickly, so before we know it, Ryan could be back with the team in 2014.

Having Brendan Ryan back will go a long way toward shoring up shortstop on a part-time basis. Derek Jeter might be back on a $12 million contract, but the Yankees will need someone who can handle short in case Jeter can't play full-time.

Ryan has the most defensive runs saved (95) and best UZR/150 (11.6) out of any other shortstop over the last five seasons. He might be the best defensive shortstop in baseball, but he's been the fourth worst offensive shortstop since 2009, so while he might be more than a defensive replacement, he's not a starter. As valuable as he will be to the Yankees in 2014, if Jeter has another season like 2013, Yankee fans will be very unhappy if they have to see Brendan Ryan at the plate day in and day out.

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