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Yankees Rumors: Curtis Granderson, Carlos Beltran

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As you know, Curtis Granderson rejected the Yankees' $14.1 million qualifying offer on Monday in hopes of signing a longterm contract instead. It's unknown whether or not the Yankees are interesting in trying to re-sign him, but he is now linked to draft pick compensation if they don't.

Granderson recently stated that his goal as a free agent is to sign with a winner. Whether that means the Yankees is yet to be seen, however it could knock out some of his most interested choices. He recently met with the Mets and the White Sox have been linked to him for awhile now. Maybe this means he didn't like what the Mets offered him or maybe it's unrelated, but if we take it at face value, it means that his potential suitors has dropped considerably.

Would he be willing to accept a lesser contract to be on a winning team or will he wait and those that lose out on Jacoby Ellsbury and Shin-Soo Choo could then look at Granderson as a consolation prize? The Reds, Cardinals, Pirates, Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Indians, Braves, and Dodgers could all be calling him soon, if they haven't already. It's just a matter of what he wants to do.

As the GM meetings get underway in Orlando, rumors have begun to fly. One such rumor states that the Yankees are very interested in pursuing Carlos Beltran. It was reported that he had already received an offer from an unknown team, so the Yankees may be trying to strike quickly, if it was them.

Beltran is 37 and just rejected a qualifying offer, meaning he will cost the Yankees the 19th pick in the draft if they sign him. He has been healthy, but his defense is questionable at this point. He also announced that he is looking for a three or four-year deal, but his reputation in the playoffs might keep teams interested. In the end, it sounds like signing Beltran might be a very poor decision for the Yankees to make.

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