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Yankees Hot Stove: Nationals interested in Logan, Blue Jays interested in Kuroda

The Washington Nationals are looking at Boone Logan while the Blue Jays have inquired about Hiroki Kuroda.

This might be the scariest photo of Boone Logan in our database
This might be the scariest photo of Boone Logan in our database

A couple of Hot Stove Rumors this afternoon:

According to the Washington Post, the Washington Nationals are looking for some left-handed help in the bullpen for the 2014 season. Apparently they have their eye on Yankees lefty specialist Boone Logan. Logan, currently a free agent, has been the Yankees' most reliable left-handed reliever out of the pen, due to other LOOGYs disappointing the Yankees with injuries or being awful.

With Mariano Rivera gone and David Robertson ready to step into the closer role, the Yankees will most likely want to bring Logan back to continue his left-handed work or to possibly take over the 8th inning role. Do not underestimate the Nationals though, as their willingness to spend has increased over the years. They could very well offer Logan more money and years, in which case the Yankees should probably thank Logan for his service. Seriously, do not get into a bidding war for a lefty reliever.

Meanwhile in Canada, Sportsnet is reporting that the Toronto Blue Jays may have some interest in Hiroki Kuroda. Kuroda recently turned down the Yankees qualifying offer, as expected, and it is unclear whether the Yankees have any desire to bring him back. It is also unclear whether or not Kuroda wants to pitch in the US anymore, let alone Canada.

The Blue Jays have not had the best of luck with pitching and injuries these past few years, so Kuroda could potentially be a nice fit for them. Toronto could try and coerce Kuroda with more years than the Yankees are willing to offer, but even so it is highly unlikely that he will choose to pitch up north. Seriously though, do not outbid the Blue Jays on Kuroda.

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