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Yankees Prospect Interview: Derek Toadvine


Derek Toadvine was drafted by the Yankees in the 22nd round of the 2013 MLB draft. The right-handed hitting second baseman batted a fairly decent .237/.329/.279 (93 wRC+) with seven stolen bases in his pro debut with the Staten Island Yankees. He committed only nine errors with a .965 fielding percentage over 54 games in the field.

How was your first professional season with the Yankees?

My first professional season with the Yankees was really a great opportunity! It's been a dream of mine to play professionally and now I am.

What was the best part of the season?

The best part of the season was just actually getting to play and making friendships with my teammates.

How has the Yankee coaching staff helped you improve your game? What advice have they given you?

The yankee coaching staff has helped me a lot! They video out at-bats so it's nice to be able to come in and talk with our hitting coach while watching the at-bats.

What is the biggest difference you have noticed between playing in college and pro ball?

The biggest difference between pro ball and college I would say is the grind! We play a lot more games and it's pretty much every day.

What did you improve on the most in 2013?

I feel like my offensive game has improved, I tried to be a really good leadoff hitter and work the count and battle with two strikes.

What are you looking to improve on in 2014?

In 2014 I'm actually looking to switch-hit, I worked all this past pro season drilling it and all this offseason I'm spending a lot of time hitting left-handed and hopefully I can manage to make that a part of my game

What is your offseason work regime like as you prepare for 2014?

I'm spending it at Kent State where I attended college and working out and training with past teammates that are now playing pro ball and, like I said before, trying to perfect my switch-hitting.

Thanks Derek and good luck on your switch to switch-hitting. You can follow him on Twitter @dtoad2KSU while you wait for the 2014 season.

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