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Yankees will extend qualifying offer to Cano and Kuroda, still unsure on Granderson

Scott Halleran

The Yankees have announced that they plan to extend qualifying offers to Robinson Cano and Hiroki Kuroda. They are still debating on Curtis Granderson, and while they are expected to make the offer, it's interesting that they still have not made a decision. They will not give a QO to Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, or Boone Logan.

Cano will obviously decline, but Kuroda could accept the $14.1 million deal. Granderson could go either way. He would essentially be taking a a small pay cut from his 2013 salary, but he could take it and hope to build up value for a bigger contract in 2015. They Yankees don't really have much to lose.

The Yankees couldn't take the chance that Hughes would accept the offer and be massively overpaid. Joba and Logan were expected, but this does not eliminate the possibility of bringing back Logan or Hughes. Joba Chamberlain, however, has probably thrown his last pitch for the Yankees organization.

They will be able to officially extend the offers on November 4 and the players will have six days to either accept or decline. We'll know by November 11 who's in and who's out.

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