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Yankees sign Joe Girardi to a four-year, $16 million contract

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Joe Girardi is back and he's going to be back for another four years. After a long standoff, Girardi has signed a four year deal with the Yankees that will make him the manager through the 2017 season. The exact dollar amount has yet to be announced, but there was talk that the Yankees would make him the second highest paid manager in baseball behind Mike Scioscia's $5 million a year. With a raise from his $3 million, Girardi could be looking at a deal that pays out $4 million a year or more.

It was beginning to look like he was going to wait for the end of his contract and take a look at the free agent market. The Cubs were prepared to top any offer made by the Yankees and the Nationals and Reds could have both been interested in his service. I never seemed likely that he would be leaving New York, but using the demand for his services to get a better contract seemed like a likely scenario.

With their manager locked up and the coaching staff intact, it's now time for the Yankees front office to look toward acquiring players.


That's $4 million a year. Called it. I'm just surprised it's four years instead of three. What does everyone think?

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