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Cubs may top any offer for Joe Girardi

If the money is the same, will Joe go or stay?

Scott Halleran

According to Mark Gonzales of the Chicago-Tribune, the Cubs may be willing to top any offer the Yankees make to Joe Girardi to lure him to Chicago. Since firing Dale Sveum earlier this month the Cubs have been rumored to have Girardi on the top of their list for their next manager. The Yankees made Girardi an offer last week that would have reportedly been enough to make him the second-highest paid manager in MLB.

Other teams have not been given permission to speak to Girardi while the Yankees still have him under contract until the World Series is over. The team is obviously serious about retaining Girardi as their manager, but any team with a managerial opening can come calling if he doesn't accept a new deal before the end of the month. In addition to the Cubs, the Reds and Nationals are also looking for new skippers, but the Cubs have been the team seemingly most interested in hiring Girardi away from the Yankees.

If the Cubs are serious about getting Girardi as their next manager, to the point that they will top any offer he receives from the Yankees, the Yankees will have to hope that the allure of what he has accomplished as manager in New York and the appeal of keeping his children in their schools instead of moving to Chicago is enough to keep him from jumping ship. If Girardi feels like the Cubs are trending upwards and the Yankees are trending downwards, getting a team that is starved for a World Series back to the playoffs may be worth the switch to him.

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