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Yankees Prospects: Gary Sanchez and Mason Williams make Baseball America's top 20 list of the Florida State League

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball America have placed Gary Sanchez and Mason Williams in their list of top 20 prospects for the Florida State League. Sanchez was ranked as the No. 7 prospect while Williams was ranked as the No. 19 prospect for the High-A league. Among those listed, there are three Twins included, including the top two prospects, Bryon Buxton and Miguel Sano. The Cubs and Pirates also each have three prospects on the list.

Gary Sanchez hit .254/.313/.420 with 13 home runs, 11 passed balls and a 46% caught stealing rate as the only catcher on the top 20 list. After 94 games and 399 plate appearances he was promoted to Double-A and hit .250/.364/.380 with two home runs, a 11.8% walk rate and a 39% caught stealing rate in 23 games and 110 plate appearances. While it would be nice to see the Yankees' top prospect rank in the top five of his league, he was the best prospect at his position. He's gotten a lot of flak for his defense recently, but he could still end up being one of the top offensive catchers moving forward.

Mason Williams had a disappointing season in 2013. He hit .261/.327/.350 with three home runs and 15 stolen bases over 100 games and 461 plate appearances before getting a call up to Double-A at the end of the season. Williams has plenty of tools that excite evaluators, but he still needs to put it all together to become a consistent offensive threat. His potential is sustaining his top prospect status, but he's about to slip off this list and potentially others. If he starts 2014 in Double-A he'll have to compete against some of the top talent in the minors, so hopefully he will be ready.

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