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Alex Rodriguez could sue the Yankees, and other drama

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Alex Rodriguez appeal hearing won't be starting back up this week, but will most likely begin again on October 15. Until then there looks like there will be plenty of A-Rod news going around, with his two concurrent lawsuits against MLB and Yankee team doctor Chris Ahmad continuing and plenty other drama brewing.

According to Wallace Matthews:

Sources with knowledge of the proceedings say another lawsuit could be forthcoming against the Yankees for allegedly "conspiring with Major League Baseball" to run the sport's leading active home run hitter out of the game.

This could be something and this could be Wallace's buddy reporter speaking out loud. It's definitely something that could happen, but we'll have to see if it is really going to happen. While a lawsuit against the Yankees wouldn't surprise me, I would still imagine A-Rod would want to keep some kind of relationship with the organization that employs him if he ever hopes to play baseball again.

There are some other rumors and stories circulating the star third baseman and his ongoing legal battles:

In the meantime, there have been stories about A-Rod serving written notice to the MLB Players Association last week that its lawyers no longer represent him at the hearing, another alleging his attorneys will call a convicted felon as a witness for his defense, and a third that had photographs of him partying on a yacht in Miami with his two young daughters and a lady friend.

Sources in A-Rod's camp confirmed the first story, deny the second and are shaking their heads over the third, wondering if their client should be confining himself to a monastery until this whole thing is over, which may not happen until November or even December, depending upon Horowitz's availability.

We knew the first story was true and the second seems kind of head scratching as to how a felon could be a worthwhile witness for A-Rod, but the third seems extremely harmless. He went to a party with his kids and his girlfriend and everyone had a good time. That doesn't sound like such a big deal. Is it because it was on a yacht? Let's keep his completely harmless personal life out of all this because it's extremely exciting even without the party boat non-stories.

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