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Yankees 2013 anti-superlatives

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Celebrating the worst Yankees of the season

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees had some bad players in 2013, but someone had to be the worst at their jobs. Usually superlatives are nice things to say about people, but not here. These are the worst. We celebrate them.

The Worst Fielder Award goes to Eduardo Nunez, who put up one of the worst defensive seasons in all of baseball. On the Yankees, he committed the most errors (12), he had the worst Range Runs Saved (-17.9), the worst Error Runs Saved (-2.4), as well as the worst UZR/150 (-40.7) on the team. He proved to be a really terrible shortstop.

The Worst Hitter Award was won by David Adams, who was pretty inept at hitting the ball this season. With a minimum of 100 plate appearances, he had the lowest wRC+ (45), lowest batting average (.193), lowest on base percentage (.252), third-lowest BB% (5.4), and highest K% (28.3) of any Yankee hitter. He was quite a let down.

Congratulations to Phil Hughes for being the Worst Starting Pitcher, even beating out CC Sabathia in 2013. He had the worst ERA (4.95), and the worst FIP (4.48). He also had the highest HR/9 (1.49), the second-highest HR/FB rate (11.1%), as well as the lowest ground ball rate (30.5%) and highest fly ball rate (46.7%). It's a good thing he (hopefully) pitched his last game for the Yankees already

The Worst Reliever on the 2013 Yankees was, of course, Joba Chamberlain. He had the highest ERA (4.93), highest FIP (5.64), and the highest walk rate (5.57%). He also has the highest HR/9 (1.71) and second-worst HR/FB rate (18.2%). We all knew Joba was bad, but now he can get a reward for it.

And there you have it, the worst Yankees get their day in the sun. Hughes and Joba are free agents and are bound to go off and find jobs somewhere else. With a healthy team in 2014 and better planning in the offseason, Adams will probably not be getting much time in the majors, until September. With Derek Jeter coming off multiple injuries, it's going to be harder to shake Nunez off the roster. Maybe the Yankees will re-sign Brendan Ryan to make it easier, but it's very likely he will cling onto the roster for much longer than he's wanted.

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