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NFL/NLDS/Sunday Open Thread

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No baseball till later, so enjoy some football instead

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

Liking football is not a requirement. If you are a fan of the New York Giants, it's probably pretty difficult to like football at all so far this season. Still, there is no baseball until later and sports are usually fun in any form. Feel free to make predictions about today's games or discuss anything that relates to neither football nor baseball. How do your weekend plans change when there is no baseball if you aren't a football fan?

If you do like football, try your hand at prognostication. We enjoy calling it around here, so what's the harm?

Saints at Bears

Patriots at Bengals

Lions at Packers

Seahawks at Colts

Ravens at Dolphins

Eagles at Giants

Jaguars at Rams

Chiefs at Titans

Panthers at Cardinals

Broncos at Cowboys

Texans at 49ers

Chargers at Raiders

Enjoy your Sunday. Feel free to use this to discuss the upcoming NLDS games as well. Stay out of trouble in the meantime.

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