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Crowdsourcing the Yankees offseason

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John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

We're crowdsourcing here, people. Meaning we're looking for your answers to these very tough and important questions for the Yankees offseason plans. Hopefully we can collect enough information to get a nice representation of what Yankee fans want the Yankees to do.

1. Should the Yankees re-sign Joe Girardi? How much money/years?

2. Should the Yankees keep their coaching staff intact?

3. Who should the Yankees fire for the failures of the farm system?

4. Should the Yankees re-sign Curtis Granderson? How much money/years?

5. Should the Yankees re-sign Robinson Cano? How much money/years?

6. Should the Yankees re-sign Hiroki Kuroda? How much money/years?

7. Who will be the next Yankee rookie to debut?

8. What free agent pitcher should the Yankees sign?

9. What free agent position player should the Yankees sign?

10. What player should the Yankees trade for?

Number your answers in the comment section and hopefully we can make something of this.

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