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Alex Rodriguez files lawsuit against Yankees team doctor Christopher Ahmad

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He's not done yet.

Jonathan Daniel

After filing a lawsuit against MLB and Bud Selig earlier today, Alex Rodriguez has even more legal business to handle. According to Ken Davidoff of the New York Post, A-Rod has also filed a lawsuit against Yankees team doctor Christopher Ahmad and New York Presbyterian-Columbia Medial Center for misdiagnosing his hip injury that required surgery and kept him out of most of the 2013 season.

It seemed almost a blessing that the Yankees weren't named in A-Rod's lawsuit against MLB and Selig after multiple instances over the last few months where accusations were thrown about that the Yankees were conspiring with MLB to keep Rodriguez away from the game and void his contract. Now, the team is going to be involved in this matter involving their medical staff. In a season where injuries piled up by the day, this is another black mark. Even if it turns out to be unfounded, having this lawsuit hanging overhead is nothing but trouble for the Yankees.

This will be updated as soon as more information comes out.

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