Pinstripe Alley openings

When there has been a job opening or two in the past, we've done these huge open calls for new writers. The result of that is usually being flooded with applications that are hard to filter through in a timely fashion. Instead of doing that this time, I've decided to lay out a couple of things we are looking for in hopes that someone will see them and decide if what we are looking for is what they are interested in doing with the added benefit of eliminating the middle steps. We have a large staff, so we are not looking to expand that by the numbers we have at times before. We just have a few open spots that we need someone to fill if possible. We are not looking to overhaul the staff or anything, just looking to patch a few holes where possible.

Job Title: Social Media Guru

We need someone to regularly man our Facebook account. This means posting the site's articles over there, as well as posting any tidbits of fun facts, pictures, breaking news, and trying to generate discussion. We want Facebook to be more than just an RSS feed of posts, so some time commitment would be necessary. Ideally, something would be posted over there every few hours between roughly 9 am and 11 pm with each thing only taking a few seconds to do.

All we ask is that you have the time necessary to commit to the task. No real writing experience is necessary, just a basic grasp of grammar.

Job Title: Editor

We are looking for someone to join the ranks of Jason and Andrew as site editor. This is a job that requires a fair bit of time and effort. You'd be asked to write at least five times per week, help out with breaking news coverage, and chip in on editing (of course) posts submitted by other writers. This is a paid position, but that also means that there is very little wiggle room on the minimum requirements and basic standards.

The editor position comes with some of the most responsibility on the site, so some writing and editing experience would be helpful. We'd prefer if this person came from the community for the obvious reasons of already having a grasp of what we do here regularly.

Job Title: News Guru

Breaking news happens at all kinds of inconvenient times - the Yankees have enjoyed late Friday afternoons recently - and we always want to be one of the first people to get something posted about it. If you monitor Twitter for Yankees news on a regular basis and think you could turn your findings into a quick but well-written 250-300 words, we'd love your help. Our goal is to cover the breaking news and then expand upon it with more time than is initially given when needing to just get the nuts and bolts of a story out there.

Writing experience and a strong grasp of grammar would be essential here because these posts would need to go up almost immediately without the benefit of 20 minutes editing. We generally try to share these duties, but having someone who can step in when everyone else is unavailable would be amazing.

Job Title: Game thread Guru

Possibly the easiest of all the tasks. If you're willing to take five minutes per day during the season to create a game thread, we'd love your help. This can be done at any point during the day of the game with only the lineups being time sensitive. No real writing experience required, just the commitment to the daily task.

That's what we are looking for at this point. Some of these are brand new positions we'd like to try out and some are duties the other writers have been doing that would allow them to be freed up for other work. Either way, if you think you might be interested in any of the above, comment below with which position you think might be a good fit for you and what experience you have that may make you a good fit. We'll take it all from there. Thanks for reading, as always!

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